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The Mission of CCA

The mission of Cornerstone Crossroads Academy is to develop urban youth through transformative education, equipping future leaders to impact their communities for Christ.

Cornerstone Crossroads Academy exists to expose at-risk high school students to the hope and abundant life found in Christ, equipping students to know God and serve Him forever. It is our desire that CCA graduates become independently functioning and productive members of the community who influence their families, neighborhoods, and communities for Christ.

The Classroom

As of 2015, Cornerstone Crossroads Academy is in its tenth year of operation. Student enrollment comes from referrals from counselors, churches, local community outreach centers, the South Dallas Juvenile Probation Officers, and word of mouth.

Students who complete the program are awarded a high school diploma. All students are required to take the Accuplacer Test at a Dallas County Community College and be accepted by the college prior to graduation.

CCA’s Vision for Tomorrow
  • Inspire in its students salvation by grace through faith in Jesus
  • Cultivate respect, discipline and understanding with Christ-centered staff and biblically centered education
  • Partner with Cornerstone Baptist Church and other neighborhood organizations to encourage student interaction with a diversity of individuals and groups
  • Provide a secure facility and daily meals to meet students needs and enhance their overall educational process
  • Attain financial stability


  • The CCA model is relational and long-term. We do not have a boot-camp approach, but do hold students to high expectations in the “Big 3” – Show Up, Do Your Work, & Treat Others with Respect.
  • We believe that students are made in God’s image and with a divine purpose. We believe that work is a gift from God. We seek to reflect these beliefs in our policies and procedures.
  • Students are served academically by a literacy teacher, a math teacher, and a high school course facilitator. Students are served emotionally by counselors and spiritually by a chaplain.
  • CCA heavily relies on volunteers to provide meals, mentoring, tutoring, extra-curricular activies, and student apprenticeships, among other services. CCA staff invests in the lives of volunteers in order to strengthen and sustain the program.
  • While volunteers are profoundly impacting students’ lives, the ministry at CCA is impacting the lives of the volunteers, pushing them into and deeper community through bearing one another’s burdens and recognizing a deeper dependence on Christ as they pour into the lives of students, learning about the culture of generational poverty and fatherlessness and helping students develop a biblical worldview.

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