Graduate Gratitude

Brandie    May 23, 2017    Comments Off on Graduate Gratitude

Our 2017 graduates are full of gratitude for their high school journeys! Below they share their sincere thanks to the individuals who have helped them throughout their time at CCA.

Juan - CCA 2017


Before coming to CCA, I dropped out of public school. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life at that point. Seeing the change CCA did to my sister really motivated me to go to CCA as well. The staff at CCA are so accepting to everybody and make you feel special.

Someone who really inspired me was my life coach. He want to see me do better and I strove to let him see it. It was an up and down path to get to graduation, but being right at it was a stress reliever. CCA really changed my outlook on life, and now I see more than just myself.

I also gained a relationship with God by seeing the other men at CCA and seeing them use the word in real life. All in all, I give thanks to all of CCA for giving me a second chance. I hope more people can see what CCA is made of.

Darren - CCA 2017


To CCA staff and volunteers,

Thank you for all you have done for me. It’s been a wonderful 2 years under you guys’ godly and spiritual leadership. I really needed that in my life. You guys helped me grow into a leader here at CCA, and I thank you for that.

To volunteers, thank you for your unselfishness, the awesome food, and sitting down and talking to me about my life and the Bible.

I just want to say thank you to everyone!


Darren Herod

Blaine - CCA 2017


I couldn’t have had a better place to attend school. The most relaxed, calm, most pleasant environment and also the most helpful, assertive, attentive teachers. You treat us as the adults we are, and also for the young adults.

I met you guys at a very much needed time in my life. When I am here, I’m quiet, focused, and getting as much done as possible because there’s no telling if I’d be there the next day.

Thank you for helping the best way you knew how, by keeping my spirit and light from dying out. For the hugs, prayers, Bible studies, and fellowship.

There is so much more that I could say, but THANK YOU!



Jesus - CCA 2017


I wanna thank all of my CCA family for making this the best school year I’ve had in my entire life. Thank you for helping me on my school and spiritual education! It’s so amazing how much effort and time you all give us. I really appreciate all you have done for me. Thank you again!

Victoria - CCA 2017


Mrs. Sugene,


Thank you for your time and commitment in furthering my education in Algebra II. Without your drive I don’t know if I would’ve finished haha! I love how smart you are. Even then the patience you have with me, it’s amazing because you put up with me on my off days because you want to see me succeed. You are appreciated, Mrs Su! I am so glad I got to work with you during my last year! Love ya Mrs.!

P.S. Your enchiladas & chicken mix are the bomb! – Yum!

-Victoria A. Castaneda

Ty - CCA 2017


I’m thankful for being able to have bee at CCA because it has changed me from my old ways. I use to not go to school because I would usually get bored and just leave school and not come back, but ever since I’ve been at CCA, it has changed me. The teachers here really care about us and treat us like family. They show us that they really want us to graduate and succeed in life. One person that I’m really thankful for is Herb. We had our ups and downs, but at the end of the day, he’s really the reason why I’m graduating. All the help and support he gave me motivated me to really do my work and graduate.


Freddy - CCA 2017


I want to start off by saying thank you to Ms. Sally. She’s been very helpful through everything. She’s gone out of her way just to make sure I was good in school and out of school as well. I want to thank her for checking on me when times seemed to be different and kinda difficult in other areas.

There’s someone else I’d like to say thank to, Ms. Kristi. I can really feel the love she has for everyone in this school. She’s kind and generous to everyone. Also, she has gone out of her way in different aspects when she really didn’t have to.

So for that I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU!

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